We have specific projections films for rear projection on shop-windows with full visibility on daylight, and massive impact at night.


ProFilms are perfect for creating large screens in home cinema installations, gaming centers or bar and restaurant large screens installations


ProFilms has a complete range of products for digital signage, interactive advertising and dynamic media solutions


ProFilms is part of technical rear-projection based projects: multi-projectors edge blending, multi-screens on shop windows, simulators, command and control rooms, large venue video projection


ProFilms offers lots of possibilities for creative audiovisual solutions for museums, exhibitions or events. Large and bright screens, holographic effects, high brightness and quality


ProFilms screens works with any kind of touch or interactive technologies, for events or digital media solutions

PRODUCTS OVERVIEW specialize in trading a full range of adhesive projection films, for rear and front videoprojection. We sell our own white label ProFilm projection films, and also first brand of the market: Adwindow Kitapon, 3M Vikuiti and Mactac Glassmovie. Our films screens work fine with any kind of projector, and can be stuck on any kind of transparent rigid surface. All of our ProFilm are self-adhesive for an easy installation. is the #1 specialist for adhesive projection films on the Internet. Our rear-projection screens are widely used for shop window rear projection, digital signage and museums audiovisual projects. ships worldwide for free. 

PROFILMS developped its own brand of value-for-money rear and front projection films: ProFilms offer the best value for adhesive projection film in the market. There is a wide range for any projection need, good results, and the cheapest price you can find.
ProFilms are sold by rolls and by linear meters, please check sizes and rates in our PRICES section.

Our ProFilms are typically rear-projection screens, that transmit light from back to forward. ProFilm Front is exclusively for classical frontal projection (total opacity of the material), and ProFilm Dual incorporates some reflective layer for seeing the picture on both sides.

ADWINDOW is a european manufacturer of special adhesive projection films. Adwindow offers a very wide range of products as well as tailor-made spcialties. We selected two of their best-selling rear projection films, the KITAPON HOLO G and KITAPON DARK.
The KITAPON series is a patented re-usable dry adhesive material, it works like a cling film but can last forever or be stuck-on / peeled-off any times you want. These films are very resistant, and can be easily removed and re-installed.
ADWINDOW KITAPON are sold by rolls and by linear meters, please check sizes and rates in our PRICES section.

KITAPON HOLO G, holographic transparent re-usable rear projection film
KITAPON DARK, high-contrast re-usable rear projection film


We are proud to be now reseller of the genuine Vikuiti rear projection film. Made by 3M, this is the most famous, most used, and bet product in the market. Vikuiti RPF uses a specific optical technology that enhance the image quality and contrast. 
Even if Vikuiti Rear Projection Film is also one of the most expensive projection film in the market, we decided to price it at the lowest rate you can find in the market ! And always, with our UPS free shipping worldwide...
VIKUITI Rear Projection Film is sold by rolls and by linear meters, please check sizes and rates in our PRICES section.

3M VIKUITI, high contrast permanent adhesive rear projection film


 We just incoporate this product from Mactac, because of its good pricing, good image quality, and above all because it is "plotteable". Unlike the other films of our range, and like the Vikuiti, the Mactac GlassMovie rear projection film can be tailored cut with any plotter, so you can make any shape you want. 
MACTAC Glassmovie Rear Projection Film is sold by rolls and by linear meters, please check sizes and rates in our PRICES section.

This is just a quick overview of the main features by product. For any further question feel free to contact us directly.

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