Installation backings

If you are not using glass, there are plenty of other materials available, that are also rigids and transparents, and that have specific physical and chemical properties. recommend the use of precise materials: this is user's responsibility to know on which kind of backing material the ProFilm projection films will be installed, and to check the correct adequation of the backing before the installation.

Some materials may produce residual gases, chemical reactions, that can produce bubbles or stains appearing after installing the projection film. In any case, we strongly advise the checking or test of the backing material previously to the installation. We present below an abreviated list of recommended materials, for more information please ask us.

Recommended backings:

  • ProFilm projection films have been developped to be stuck on glass. Alternatively, you can use acrylic / methacrylate (PMMA), cast quality is better

  • We do not recommend the use of PET and PVC. We strongly NOT RECOMMEND the use of polycarbonate (PC). The choice of the backing is totally user's responsibility.

Protection layers on projection films: adhesive side is ALWAYS the bright side: this is an protection layer that must be rip off when installing.


  • If you are not sure you want to install the projection film by yourself, you can ask to the nearest vinyl / sign installer, they will do that professionnaly without any problem.

  • For more than 60'' screens sizes, we recommend the presence of at least two people. The installation by one only person may produce fold marks if the product is not well applied.

  • ProFilm projection films adhesive is a high quality “acrylic with solvent adhesive”. It reacts to pressure and is self-adhesive, however we recommend the use of a water spray to create an uniform layer of water that will permit the total elimination of air between the backing and the film. For projection film dimensions superior to 50'', use of water is essential.

  • ProFilm projection film can be stored in their shipping package, as you receive it at the delivery time. Any other form of storage is under user's responsibility. As a rule, projection films should be rolled in a rigid tube, protected from impacts and stored in a dry and cool place. Important and rapid temperature changes may damage the ProFilms (storage in a car trunk for example).

  • ProFilm projection films are fragiles: if not used immediately, they must be handled with care to preserve their qualities.

Installation material

  • water spray, preferably with distilled water, especially if local water is hard.

  • cleaning product for the backup

  • 2 drops of transparent liquid soap (optionnal)

  • plastic squeegee of professional type, as for vinyls installation

  • cleaning paper for the excess of water

1. Clean the support and direct environment

For the best result, the installation support (glass or acrylic) must be totally clean. Before starting the installation, you must clean perfectly the backing with the appropriate products to take off any trace of dust, dirt or grease.

2. Define the installation area

For more precision, you can delimite the area of the screen with an adhesive tape that will be peeled off later.

3. Spray water

Just spray water on the support, and on the projection film. It is important to create an homogeneous layer of water, to eliminate all the air and bubbles, so don't hesitate to spray a lot !

NOTA: if you do not have a plane and clean surface to spread the film before spraying the water, you can spray water on the support next to the installation area, apply the film with bright side turned towards the installer. Then you can spray more easily on the adhesive side.

4. Put the film

  • Projection filmis applied with adhesive side towards the backing.

  • Once on the right place, eliminate water with the squeegee, ALWAYS FROM CENTER TO THE SIDE, UP TO DOWN, on both sides. Repeat the operation until there no remaining water and bubbles.

  • We recommend to spray water also on the scrape out side, to enhance the “glide” of the squeegee and limitate the risk of scratches on the film.

5. Adjust and dry

Once eliminated air and water, the film can still be moved slightly to adjust the perfect position. The bigger the film, the more difficult this adjustment.

6. Cleaning

ProFilm projection films can be cleaned with water and soap. Avoid corrosive products.

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