Holographic Pyramid transparent film


Holographic pyramids, holographic cubes and other pepper ghost derivative furniture have been a growing business in the past years. How does it work ? Generally, a monitor with special content with black background reflects on a 45º mounted transparent glass. 

And here is the secret: if Integration is the key, the center of the system is the glass, that must be reflective AND transparent. As we had permanent inquiries for a film that does this job, we offer two new films for this use.

RE50, a special transparent film that enhances the glass reflection capacity of up to 50%. RE50 is highly transparent and almost invisible, and add higher reflection to any transparent surface.

RE75, a transparent high reflective film with light contrast that enhances glass reflection capacity of up to 75%
RE75 is a bit darker than RE50, but still totally transparent and invisible. Its reflection grade is also higher.
 Buy holographic pyrmaid film
RE50 and RE75 are self adhesive films, to be laminated on the external side of your glass or acrylic panels. Adhesive is pressure sensitive for a easy installation.

RE50 and RE75 are available in sheets and rolls, please review available sizes in our store section. Samples are also available.

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