ProjectionFilm.com is a small team of young (well, quite young...) people with lots of experience in the audiovisual area, from the hardware point of view: trading, project engineering, installation and integration.
We have been working for years in the videoprojection area, and we sourced some years ago the first rearprojection screens for the european market. We developped our own range some years ago, first for domestic integration uses, then for international trade.
We believe that videoprojection and rearprojection are technologies for now and tomorrow, and a good bet for digital signage, dynamic advertising, and any audiovisual installation that need large screens, bright screens, for a relatively low cost.

With ProjectionFilm.com, we are happy to offer a very high quality product for a very low price: buying a roll, you have a 75'' 4:3 screen from 150 $, a 120'' 16:9 screen from 400$... If you need to adjust even more your large screens budgets, ask the beamers provider to make an effort...

But everything is not in the price... So a lot of people are asking this simple question: who are you ProjectionFilm.com ?? We wanted to give a good and complete response, so we made a small briefing and we asked to several people, friends and relatives, within the company or outside, to give us their answers. Here are some of that point of views.
Who are you ProjectionFilm.com ?


“We are very representatives of the 21st century new generation of successful european companies. We have a unique positioning, somewhere between pure creativity, technological avant-garde and logistic pragmatism. We mixed complementary skills and knowledges in key areas to create a strong added value, and a massive return on investment after a strategic investment stage, that, for sure, we can further talk if you are an investor who wants to be part of the next business success story…”

Sales Director

“We are not salesmen. We don’t sell nothing. We are the ones that enables you to sell more. We just have customers that buy from us. And why ? Because in addition to have the best products, with the best service, we are the only ones that, for a so ridiculously small amount of money, are going to give you prosperity, happiness and fame. Call us. Now.”

Artistic Director (Artistic Director ?? )

“ We are an industrial movement. Without machines. Without workers. Without neon lights. We think that “Communication” is a senseless word now, we prefer to talk about falling in love, creating a tension of desire and a deep link between the act and the perception. We believe in carpe diem. We believe in the human being. And in the animal, too. And… what ? This is NOT the 3rd floor ? This is not the Saatchis office ? But what the hell is projectionfilm.com ??”

Tony Soprano

“Projectionfilm.com, It’s like a family, you know, because there is nothing outside the family you know, I love them, I really love them, they treat you like family, and it is the way it has to be, capisce ?”

James Lee Burke

“Projectionfilm.com gave me a new point of view to the deepness of my soul and my BluRay player, as clear as the air above the lake that extend its quiet waters beyond my home in this morning of eternal repetition of clouds, meanwhile I was hearing the wild doves crying on their way south under a still young sun”

Julius Caesar

“vinilized, videolized, visualized”

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