Our prices are FOB, and includes:
  • Packaging for transportation
  • Shipping costs to anywhere in the world, on a Economy Express base
Our prices DOES NOT include:
  • Eventual taxes, VAT or custom clearance fees that may apply
  • Specific packaging or shipping demands

- ProjectionFilm.com provides an included shipping service.
- The service will generally be realized on a Economy Express base with TNT or with a similar service with other company. ProjectionFilm.com generally works with TNT and UPS, local companies may be used within European Union. ProjectionFilm.com may change shipping companies and services without previous communication.
- Our free shipping service will operate only for shipping destinations inside the standard Economy Express TNT area of reach. For all other shipping destination that would not be available within this fare, extra cost will be charged to the buyer after its express approval.
- Any change of rate, kind of service or company for shipping that would be ordered by the buyer and that would not be approved previously by ProjectionFilm.com will not be included in the price. Any changes will be assume by the buyer.
- The buyer can organize himself the shipping process, and can operate with its own shipping company. The products can be picked up in our facilities in Spain. In this case, no fee neither discount will be apply to the list price.
- ProjectionFilm.com is not responsible for the delays that may happen during the delivery process. The announced delivery times are not contractual, and may be changed by shipping company.
- ProjectionFilm.com will not consider delivery delays or shipping incidents as part of its product warranty.
- Shipping is realized under shipping companies standard conditions and insurances. ProjectionFilm.com can offer on request an extra insurance for the total price of the products. Extra insurance cost will be charged to the buyer.

- T/T Transfer: payment can be realized trough T/T transfer (bank to bank transfer) to our bank account in US Dollars. We provide complete data in our proformas and invoices. Our bank is located in Spain, Europe. Any fee that may apply will be assumed by the buyer.
- Credit Cards: payment can be realized with credit cards through our Paypal secured platform. Credit Card payment can be realized through Internet / web, or by phone.
An extra fee of 4% apply for payments by credit cards.
- Paypal: payment can be realized through your Paypal account.
An extra fee of 4% apply for payments by Paypal.
- Any fee that may apply for changing currency will be assumed by the buyer.

- We only accept previous payments. No cash on delivery, no 30 days, etc... No exceptions.
- Orders will be processed and shipped ONLY WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.
- Credit Cards and Paypal payments are immediate: order is processed as soon as confirmation is received.
- T/T transfer payment are generally subject to a 2/3 days delay due to bank processing

ProjectionFilm.com warrants that your product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment by ProjectionFilm.com. Please read this warranty very carefully. THIS WARRANTY IS A LIMITED WARRANTY AND IS IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Warranty Period – The limited warranty starts on the day the product is shipped from ProjectionFilm.com and ends after a period of one (1) year or when the product’s life has been exceeded, whichever occurs first.

Parts and Labor –ProjectionFilm.com will provide new or remanufactured parts and labor, free of charge, to correct defects in material and workmanship for the product(s) covered by the limited warranty during the warranty period. This limited warranty is a depot warranty only.

Shipping – The customer is responsible for inbound transportation charges and ProjectionFilm.com is responsible for return transportation charges to correct defects in material and workmanship during the limited warranty period.

Packaging – Products returned shall be packaged in the original packaging and shipping container or comparable container. In the event the product is not packaged properly or if shipping damage is evident, ProjectionFilm.com will not accept the ProFilm for service under warranty. Products received in unsuitable containers will be returned in ProjectionFilm.com -approved packaging at the customer’s expense.

Installation Instructions – Proper installation of the product requires the user to read and follow the installation instructions. The limited warranty does not cover service that is required as a result of operator error and or failure to read and follow the documentation included with the product.

Exclusions – This limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship only and does not cover damage caused by transportation, installation or uncarefully handling.

ProFilms are delivered in a secured transportation packing. The user is responsible of verifying the condition of the packing and the products at the moment of delivery. ProjectionFilm.com will not cover eventual issues on packing and shipping that would not have been notified on the delivery document and at the delivery moment. ProjectionFilm.com is not responsible for any problem that may appear during storing or re-shipping of the product.
ProjectionFilm.com warranty does not cover problems and damages that would appear as consequences of non-respect of the general and installation instructions. Particularly, ProjectionFilm.com will not be responsible for problems and damages caused by the use of a non-convenient backing, as presented in the general and installation instructions. This warranty is void after the product is installed or stuck on any support or baking that is not considered as correct.

Verifier – ProjectionFilm.com shall not be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages, costs, expenses, lost profits, or lost savings resulting from the use, operation, or malfunction of the verifier.

Company information: Legal info

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